Members of the New York Dog Society believe that sharing walks is the heartbeat of a loving, civilized dog/human society. Our mission is to create more places and reasons to be with your dog and spread the joy to NYC shelters and cities across the world.

Our Mission

Encourage More Walks:

At the New York Dog Society, we believe sharing walks is the heartbeat of a loving, civilized dog/human society. Your membership will help establish ambient and safe sidewalk sanctuaries for dog owners to park their canine partners while shopping at grocery stores and other no-dogs allowed places.

Establish “Pup Ups” for pet adoption and socialization:

We’ll convert empty commercial spaces near parks city wide, and put kennels in the windows about the dogs up for adoption and their stories. Our staff will train volunteers to socialize younger dogs through regular walks or runs they can count on – and offer dog carts and strollers so the older ones can enjoy the fresh air and feeling of walking.

Create more places to take your dog:

We’ll advocate for more dog friendly bars and restaurants centered around hanging out, and convert city owned outdoor spaces for mini-gated dog parks, funded by local dog owners.

New York Dog Society Founding Members:

Caroline, ChairDog Emeritus (2004-2022) Aka - The Pookinater
Henry - Intern & President of the Central Park Puppy Fight Club 🙂
“The first rule of puppy fight club is that you do not talk about Puppy Fight Club” 🙂
Winston - Advisory Board Member & Chief Dog Officer at Havas Health & You
“Corgiinfluencer” 🙂

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